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Life/Health Plans

We offer all types of personal and group life and health insurance plans.

healthLife Insurance
To protect your loved ones from unexpected expenses and the loss of life.
Term Insurance: “temporary insurance” to cover mortgages and short-term needs. Usually issued in ten year or twenty year terms. The premiums are low to start but increase at the start of the next ten or twenty year term. Once the term ends, the coverage also ends.
Universal and Whole Life: Permanent coverage designed for those who wish to maintain coverage for the rest of their life. The premium remains the same for the entire payment period. Some policies contain cash values and investment choices.

To cover your loss of income if a disability prevents you from working.
Ensures up to 67~70% of a person’s income.

24-hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Provides compensation up to 10x’s your salary if you are killed or paralyzed in an accident on or off the job, 24-hours/day. Provides partial payment for loss of limb, sight, speech, hearing, etc. Annual premiums start at $50.

Critical Illness
A combination of disability and life insurance.
Provides lump-sum income in the event you suffer a major illness (cancer, stroke, etc.)

Long-term Home Care
To cover the cost of home or institutional care.

Group Insurance
Benefits for employees.
Life, Disability, Extended Health & Dental.

Key Person/Partnership
To cover key personnel in a business.

RRSPs, RRSP Loans, RRIFs/Annuities, RESPs


Contact: independent insurance consultant – Barbara Lee,    604-728-7739.

Contact: in-house life insurance personnel – John Kamitakahara – 604-876-7999